Employee issues can be insidious to a medium or large organization. Often times, the problems are isolated to single areas or departments and as such can easily go unnoticed. Unfortunately, these issues can cause large problems for a company’s effectiveness, productivity and profitability. To further compound the issue there are several factors such as confidentiality, response rate, and stratification that must be taken into consideration to effectively perform an employee feedback study.

The tools offered by IQS Research allow employee feedback to be gathered accurately, discretely and confidentially. This ensures candid feedback for your employees while delivering a reliable study for your organization. Our research tools are tailored to work around the unique needs of employees and employers.

This information can be gathered and analyzed from different departments and locations. We can even gather the data in multiple languages within the US or internationally. Our results are multi-dimensional so you know not only where the problems lie but also what is causing the problems.

The following are types
of information we can provide:

  • – Overall morale assessment
  • – Employee branding studies
  • – Internal communication assessments
  • – Barriers to success studies
  • – Organizational awareness studies
  • – Employee loyalty assessments