An effective strategy to include and engage all employees can be what separates high-performing companies from their peers.  However, problems with cultural differences, lack of inclusion, leadership issues, or general disconnectedness from a company can stop the best strategy before it begins.

Workforce problems can be isolated to single areas, cultures, or departments. Other times – as is frequently the case with inclusion issues – they are more widespread and create a corporate stumbling block for certain groups of employees.

To further complicate matters, employee issues are typically sensitive to address and complex in their composition.

IQS Research offers a full suite of human capital analytics solutions to address these needs.

This begins with gathering accurate feedback. Our process ensures candid feedback from your employees without becoming a “gripe session.” As with all of our research programs, the information gathered is customized to your company needs and environment. Data can be gathered in different languages, through different modes, and across continents.

We then perform multi-dimensional analyses to identify and understand the issues and pinpoint opportunities to improve.  Our analysis provides practical results. This ensures that you know where the problem lies; you understand the root of the problem; and you have a clear path to resolution.

The following are some of the human capital studies we can perform:

  • – Employee Engagement
  • – Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostics and Assessments
  • – Internal Culture Studies
  • – Work Experience Studies
  • – Employee Branding Studies
  • – Internal Communication Assessments