Joel Ben Thomas

Research Study Coordinator

Joel Ben brings rigorous study of and experience with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to his work at IQS Research. Additionally, he possesses cross-cultural research experience, having gathered and/or analyzed data from several studies conducted in South and Southeast Asia, North Africa, and the United States. In tandem, his multi-method and cross-cultural research experience afford him a more holistic approach in designing surveys and data collecting.

Prior to joining IQS Research, Joel Ben worked as the Program and Communications Manager of the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. There, he not only worked to advance the community presence of this organization, but also worked to help it improve its internal efficiency by applying his research skillset to augment event planning, organizational programming, and community engagement.

At IQS, he draws upon both his educational background and his past work experience to deliver results in a timely manner to the highest standard of professionalism and excellence. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Louisville and has intermediate proficiency in French and Modern Standard Arabic.

In his spare time, Joel Ben enjoys traveling, hiking/camping, reading, and soccer (both spectating and playing).

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