Ben Schneider

Research Analyst

Ben has worked as a research analyst at IQS Research since 2014, where he uses his analytical expertise to help a wide variety of clients incorporate research and analytics into their strategic decision-making. In addition to working directly on clients’ research studies, Ben has been instrumental in developing IQS Research’s Engagement-in-Action portal and maintaining IQS Research’s state-of-the-art analytics toolset and statistical methodologies.

Ben has a broad analytics skillset. In addition to his particular expertise in quantitative social science methods, Ben is also proficient at developing predictive analytics and leads IQS Research’s use of machine learning and process automation. Complementing his analytics expertise, Ben is talented at communicating research insights to a wide range of audiences.

Prior to IQS Research, Ben worked as a Research Assistant for Amherst College’s Department of Economics, producing original, applied research in development economics. At IQS, he draws on his previous research in areas such as healthcare spending, higher education policy, and program evaluation at the National Priorities Project—a nonprofit, federal budget research organization—and at the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from Amherst College, where he concentrated in applied microeconomics and mathematical statistics. In addition, he is currently expanding his mathematical education as a post-baccalaureate student at University of Louisville. He speaks Hebrew fluently and possesses intermediate proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic.

Outside of his work at IQS Research, Ben develops open-source software for statistical analysis and data visualization. When he’s not thinking about research and statistics, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and reading.

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