Whether you’re the underdog or the industry leader, your ability to deeply understand the needs of your market ultimately decides the fate of your company.  This is true whether you are trying to move your company to the next level, protect your current position, or launch a new product or service. Insights from lost, prospective, or current customers are all important inputs to the process.

In B-to-B or niche markets, the stakes are even higher because a few losses can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Numerous studies are available from our team at IQS Research which are designed to break through the clutter of “expert” opinions already present.  Because this information comes from your future customers, it can often be the tie-breaker to put your strategy in motion.

New Product Testing
Lets the market provide insights and reactions to new products or services. While the customer may not know if the idea will be successful they can provide a window into current needs, product substitutes and potential fit.

Analysis of Underperforming Markets
Can identify barriers when markets are not producing expected results.

Market Assessment Studies
Define the unique needs of the users as well as usage profiles and the competitor assessments. Advanced statistical tools prioritize conflicting needs.

Customer segmentation studies
Embody a variety of tools which provide definitions and details about the discrete pockets of customers and their needs.

Fully Custom Research
Can use a combination of tools or a completely new approach to answer more challenging questions.