Some problems don’t conform to pre-defined labels or they defy traditional approaches.  Oftentimes these problems are elusive because they have occurred for so long that they are now simply considered normal.

Problems like these can be the most important and most difficult to solve and it is here that a fully customized research solution is needed.

Deploying a combination of creative data collection processes, advanced statistical analysis, complex algorithms, predictive analytics, data visualization or myriad other tools we are often able to break through the barriers impeding problem resolution.  These solutions can be based in primary research or can also deploy deep statistical analysis to existing data.

Even when research can’t provide the full solution the results can be enough to break through the impasse that has been preventing progress.

Examples of challenges where this type of research has been deployed include:

-Gathering information from marginalized (EJ Communities) populations during the building and tolling of a major bridges project
-Establishing regional benchmarks for healthcare reimbursement
-Measuring the effect on alcohol consumption after increasing retail outlets
-Identifying the reasons students don’t attend college or why they don’t matriculate once enrolled
-Understanding the need for legal reforms in the practice of medicine
-Developing a quantified extrapolation of warranty costs in the automotive industry
-Creating a tool to assess and quantify the presence of inclusive behaviors within leadership

Every project in this portion of our portfolio is unique with all aspects designed for the sole purpose of solving a specific challenge.