Developing Research

College readiness has been a topic of much interest and debate over the past decade. Various attempts at raising college attainment rates focus on the idea that college ready students are the key to any successful endeavor, yet attrition rates and timely graduation rates continue to be an affliction upon these goals. To date, measures of college readiness have only focused on academic factors specific to the individual student.

IQS Research, with the support of local and regional education groups, is developing a measure that will assess a community’s desire and capacity to educate its population through the completion of a postsecondary degree. Known as the Index of Community Commitment to Higher Education, or ICCHE for short, it will be the most comprehensive measure of college readiness to date. By analyzing both personal traits (attitudinal, academic, and behavioral) and community assets ICCHE identifies the strengths and weaknesses within a community so that they can be targeted and improved. To view a .pdf document with more information about the ICCHE system click here.

Previous Studies

Below is a list of previous studies that are available to the general public.

IQS Research has worked extensively to help communities better understand their educational climate and they continue to expand the work in this area. Past clients have come to trust IQS Research as a source for providing insightful and important information about the underlying factors of educational success.

One of the company’s recent studies focused on understanding the perceptions of students and adults in the Greater Louisville community regarding the importance and difficulty of attaining a college degree. The findings helped shape the city’s most aggressive education campaign in decades: 55,000 Degrees.

View the 55,000 Degrees study.
View the two-page report summary.
Learn more about the 55,000 Degrees program.

IQS Research has also worked closely with Jefferson County Public Schools in the district’s efforts to realign its student assignment plan. IQS Research and Gary Orfield’s Civil Rights Project at UCLA interviewed parents of students in the JCPS system to better understand their perceptions of the current student assignment plan and on the idea of diversity in schools. The completed report for this study can be found here.

IQS Research continues its tradition of producing high quality research in education with the following clients:

  • – Jefferson County Public Schools
  • – Business Leaders for Education
  • – University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering
  • – City of Louisville’s Mayor’s Education Roundtable
  • – KY Community & Technical College System

In the News

Listed below are a few articles and publications where work performed by IQS Research has been recognized and discussed.

· U.S. Conference of Mayors – U.S. Mayors Newspaper: Best Practices: Achieving 55,000 Degrees to Advance Louisville’s Education,Job Growth (p. 20) (April 2011)

· UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies Newsletter – Experiencing Integration in Louisville (January 2011)

· WHAS11 News – Critics Raise Questions (January 2011)

· 55,000 Degrees – Community Perceptions of Higher Education

· WHAS11 News – Say what?! Louisville ranks low in list of smartest cities (June 2010)