Hayley White

Research Analyst

As a research analyst at IQS Research, Hayley White draws upon both theoretical understandings and applied experiences with statistical tools and techniques. She boasts proficiencies in econometrics, multi-variate regression, and nonparametric modeling, and utilizes her economic reasoning and statistical techniques to deliver concise and thoughtful results. 

She has demonstrated her abilities through a number of projects such as: using past season performance data—subjected to multi-variate model estimation techniques—to predict the likelihood that Major League Baseball team would have a winning season and performing a time-series analysis of the United States’ long-running trade deficit with China. She also brings qualitative research experience in agriculture, specifically in the areas of economic incentives and international policy. During her time at IQS, Hayley has assisted in leading deep dive qualitative focus groups.  

Hayley holds a B.A. in Applied Economic Management from Virginia Tech with a focus in Environmental Economics, Management and Policy.

Outside of work, Hayley is connected to the Louisville community; Hayley is a co-organizer of the R-Ladies Louisville chapter. In addition, Hayley enjoys giving back to the Louisville community by volunteering with a non-profit where she serves as a mentor to a refugee child. On her personal time Hayley enjoys TaeKwon-Do, hiking, and yoga.

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