Issues involving low employee engagement, cultural differences, lack of inclusion, or poor leadership dynamics can stop company progress in its tracks.  When problems are isolated to specific departments, or employee groups, as is frequently the case with diversity and inclusion issues, they can be even more difficult to detect and understand.  To further complicate matters, employees can be reluctant to share their concerns for fear of retaliation.

IQS Research has the experience and expertise to understand these issues and identify effective solutions.  We’ve even co-authored a book on the subject.

Our research process captures specific and candid feedback.  Drawing from a portfolio of customized or validated questions, the data collection process is tailored to fit your environment.  This can include multiple languages, multiple modes, or multiple continents.

This feeds our analysis process where we explore the data and perform testing to illuminate the issues and provide practical results.

The following are some of the human capital studies we have performed:

Employee Engagement Studies
For companies with 200 to 20,000 employees. Results are clear, actionable and can be distributed in person and/or through our engagement portal which includes our built-in action planning module.

Diversity and Inclusion Studies
Are designed to understand and improve the work experience of non-majority populations.

Merger and Acquisition Studies
Provide guidepost for management to ensure that the employee experience is monitored during what can be a stressful time for the workforce.

Onboarding and Turnover Evaluations
Are tools to understand and reduce turnover.