Jaye McAfee

Data Collections Specialist

Joining the IQS team in 2016, Jaye has excelled in her role as Data Collections Specialist with a particular focus on in-person intercept interviewing. In this role, she has recruited and interviewed thousands of individuals from all walks of life—from international bourbon tourists to business travelers, families to Louisville natives, and more. Jaye has a genuine interest in meeting new people, and she leverages this when inviting individuals to participate in research studies. At the same time, she adheres to the rigors of research methodologies by ensuring that each interview is consistently administered and free from personal bias. 

In addition to her work at IQS Research, Jaye is a committed caretaker to her children. She enjoys boating with her family, spending time with friends, and volunteering at her children’s school and at Falls City Community Bikeworks. 

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