Joel Ben Thomas

Research Study Coordinator

Joel Ben brings rigorous study of and applied experience with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to his work at IQS Research.

As Research Study Coordinator, he programs web-based surveys for IQS Research and helps coordinate various aspects of data collection to see projects from “the field” to analysis.

When programming online surveys, Joel Ben employs a range of tools to produce custom-tailored surveys that provide research participants a neutral environment to provide candid feedback. Whether it be through programming sophisticated logic and/or piping patterns, the latest duplicate protection measures, or innovative question types, he is committed to collecting high-quality and methodologically-sound data to answer the complex questions of our clients.

When preparing projects to enter “the field,” and guiding them out, he oversees the translation of survey instruments and survey responses, working to ensure that all members of a respondent population are included in the feedback process. Joel Ben also provides research participant support when studies are live in the field and coordinates the recruitment and training of IQS’ field teams, training them in study-specific methodologies prior to collecting data. Further, he composes socialization campaigns to alert target populations about IQS’ studies and to encourage their participation in them. As a member of the Behavioral Science Policy Association (BSPA), Joel uses the latest insights in behavioral economics and social nudge theory to inform his work.

He holds B.A. degrees in Political Science and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Louisville and possesses intermediate proficiency in French and Modern Standard Arabic.

In his spare time, Joel Ben enjoys traveling, hiking/camping, reading, and soccer (both spectating and playing). 

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