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IQS Research offers the following case studies as examples of how our clients utilize the information we provide for profitable outcomes. Please fill out the short form below, and continue to download the documents you’re interested in.


Market Research
for Health Programs

Healthcare programs impacting the community can be more effective when the programs are assessed and improved through statistics. This case study examines how two programs (Drive Cancer Out & Tap into Fitness) both used statistical research to improve.



White Papers

We have been collecting data and providing valuable insights for years. Here we provide significant findings on significant topics. These insights are some of our recommendations and identified best practices.

Data Collections for
Diverse Employee Groups

Collecting data in a diverse employee environment complicates the research process. When done correctly though it ensure the final results are reliable. This case study examines a resort hotel client whose employee mix was very diverse including; multiple languages, varying levels of literacy, union/non-union, and contract services.



Case Studies

Please feel free to browse our growing library of case studies discussing how problems were solved through skillful execution of research.

Research 101

This series of papers are the science behind many of the underlying principles of marketing research.


Sampling 101

It isn’t necessary to interview a thousand people to understand what a thousand people think. However, the link between population size and research sample size is often misunderstood. This white paper discusses the science and math underlying statistical sampling and how that is applied in market research studies.


Education Research

Public studies based on our findings in education research.

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