Physician Opinion Studies

The opinion of the physician can be difficult to obtain, but it is frequently this opinion that is most critical to the success or failure of many initiatives. We have developed a process that allows us to collect information directly from physicians on a variety of topics. This process does not rely on a small panel of physicians but instead gathers data from the target group within the appropriate geographic and specialty strata.

These studies can include such measurements as physician opinion regarding health care access in your region, likelihood of physicians leaving an area, physician satisfaction, physician needs, and more.

Insurance Reimbursement

There can be a significant disparity in reimbursement rates between regions and/or carriers. These differences in reimbursement can make it difficult to attract and retain physicians in your area. While many physicians believe they are being unfairly reimbursed, they can only speculate because the doctors themselves are not allowed to directly compare reimbursement rates with each other.

Our proprietary process collects, aggregates and analyzes the data so we can provide you with reimbursement comparisons across regions, specialties, or carrier. This information is analyzed and provided to you at the CPT code level. Click here for an example.

Patient Consumerism Studies

There has been much talk about consumerism and its impact on the doctor-patient relationship. However, most studies don’t identify or quantify how these trends will impact your specific practice. The only way to know what impact patient choice will have on your practice is to work with your individual practice. We have programs that identify the critical non-clinical measurements within an individual practice. These programs can tell you:

  • – Why the patient chose your practice
  • – Your most effective source of referrals
  • – The impact of “word of mouth” conversation from your patients
  • – The specific communication strengths that exist within a practice
  • – The sore points from a patient perspective with the practice
  • – Industry benchmarks at the practice level
  • – Geographic reach of your practice
  • – Feasibility to offer private pay services


Custom Medical Research Services

The medical community already enjoys a high level of precision for the clinical aspects of medicine, through our process of research development IQS Research can deliver the same level of precision for the non-clinical aspects as well. This allows the practitioners of medicine to operate with the same level of knowledge and precision when they are out of the operating room as when they are in.