Nick Guenther

Research Analyst

Educator turned data professional, Nick Guenther combines analytics expertise with teaching experience to provide results that are actionable and intelligible. Serving as a Data Analyst with IQS Research, Nick utilizes his aptitude for predictive analytics, statistical modeling and multivariate and Bayesian analysis to provide clients with precise results.

He is most proud of the work he did in analyzing the Boston housing market to predict future pricing as well as to uncover systemic issues that existed in the city’s rich history. Nick’s analytics profile includes also projects in machine tool analysis, agriculture (crop yield), environmental impact, public opinion and linear weights in college baseball, to name a few.

Nick holds a B.S. in Secondary Education from University of Louisville and a M.S. in Applied Statistics from the University of Kentucky.

In his spare time, Nick serves as a high school baseball coach. He also enjoys spending time on the lake and fishing.

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