Our roots are in the automotive industry where we started by producing analysis of automotive warranties.  The public versions of those reports were sold internationally and covered in industry publications including Automotive News.

In 2008 we were recognized for an effort to create national benchmarks for healthcare reimbursement.  Winning awards for both innovation and entrepreneurship.  Around that same time our research on childhood obesity and adolescent smoking also appeared in the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association.

More recently two techniques that we developed and pioneered have been recognized by the National Academy of Sciences as best practices in research for transportation, impoverished communities and EJ research.

We take our responsibility seriously and believe that research has a purpose and an obligation not just to answer questions but to enable change.

This means that every step in our process tends to be a little more specialized and customized around your needs. This can include how we design our projects to answer specific questions, the day and time we invite people to take an online survey, the phrasing and order of a particular question, the scale used to measure a response, the analytics used to test the final results, or the visuals and nomenclature used to convey the final results.  In all cases our work is designed to transform the data into insights your organization can use to create change.