At IQS Research we know that every client situation is unique.  Even two companies trying to utilize employee engagement studies may be doing so for different reasons.  As such, we use engineering precision to design our programs to meet your specific needs.  Our toolbox contains several different tools and techniques that we can deploy to match the needs of a specific situation.  By having an extensive cadre of data collection, analysis, and presentation tools we are able to deploy the specific methods that can deliver actionable results.  And as technology changes our list of tools continues to grow.

Data Collection Toolbox

The following are just some of the tools we use to gather data.  All of these tools can be performed in multiple languages.  Our data collection tools are designed to meet people where they are when they are in the best position to offer insights.

Some of our data collections tools include:

  • – Executive interviews
  • – In-person interviews
  • – Telephone interviews
  • – Kiosk interviews
  • – Customer Intercepts
  • – Mixed mode studies
  • – Paper surveys
  • – Mail surveys
  • – Internet surveys
  • – Mobile surveys
  • – Focus groups
  • – Online focus groups
  • – Online communities
  • – Online panels


Data Analysis Toolbox

Our data analysis and reporting toolbox utilizes sophisticated tools and techniques for analyzing data and transforming them into actionable insights.  Whether in the form of text, numbers, video, or geospatial data we work to identify the important patterns and deliver the deep insights needed to enable change.  Then we partner with our clients to deliver the information in a format that facilitates understanding and action.

Some of the tools we use include:

  • – R and SPSS® based statistical analysis and data analytics
  • – Factor and cluster analysis
  • – Multivariate analysis
  • – Psychogeographic barrier analysis
  • – Geographic mapping
  • – Text analytics
  • – Sentiment analysis
  • – Internal data linking
  • – Structured problem solving and action planning
  • – Tableau® dashboards
  • – Data visualizations
  • – Individual and group rollouts
  • – Facilitated information sessions