Case Studies

Market Analysis Case Study

Employee Feedback Study

Customer Satisfaction Study


White Papers

Engaging Students: College Admissions and Prospective Students

This White Paper is a discussion from our research with prospective college students. The paper discusses the college admissions courtship from the students’ perspective. We will examine mediums which facilitate interaction as well as ways to engage students during a time when they are inundated with and overwhelming amount of stress and information. We will share with you the messages students wanted to hear and suggestions on how to communicate these messages efficiently and effectively.


Research 101

Market Research for Health Programs

Healthcare programs impacting the community can be more effective when the programs are assessed and improved through statistics. This case study examines how two programs (Drive Cancer Out & Tap into Fitness) both used statistical research to improve.

Data Collections for Diverse Employee Groups

Collecting data in a diverse employee environment complicates the research process. When done correctly though it ensure the final results are reliable. This case study examines a resort hotel client whose employee mix was very diverse including; multiple languages, varying levels of literacy, union/non-union, and contract services.

Sampling 101

It isn’t necessary to interview a thousand people to understand what a thousand people think. However, the link between population size and research sample size is often misunderstood. This white paper discusses the science and math underlying statistical sampling and how that is applied in market research studies.

Education Research

Preparing Students to Transition from High School to College

A review of the perceptions surrounding college and the challenges students face as they prepare for their collegiate experience.

Community Perceptions of Higher Education

One of the company’s recent studies focused on understanding the perceptions of students and adults in the Greater Louisville community regarding the importance and difficulty of attaining a college degree. The findings helped shape the city’s most aggressive education campaign in decades: 55,000 Degrees.