Every community has public officials and non-profit leaders who diligently serve the greater good. Some communities are fortunate to have individuals who not only serve, but who innovate, improve, and transform.  For these leaders, data-driven, customer-informed, evidence-based decision-making is a must.

Our team at IQS Research partners with these innovators to gather, analyze, interpret, and share that data, especially when it means capturing the opinions of hard-to-reach populations and the silent majority.  Using the engineering principles and data analytics that fuel the private sector, we apply that same rigor and process to complex public and non-profit initiatives. The result is precise and actionable insights that leaders confidently use to allocate scarce resources, raise money, and impact lives.

Examples of projects we have performed for public sector clients include:

Policy Development and Initiative Testing
That gathers the opinions of affected populations and incorporates their priorities into the design of programs aimed at improving their lives.

Customer Profile and Satisfaction Studies
That capture with specificity who the customer is and how they feel about a service or amenity- whether that means riders of public transportation systems, visitors to parks, patrons of the orchestra, and more.

Program Evaluation
Designed to provide real-time feedback as well as long-term outcome and impact determination.

Talent Attraction Strategy Development
That helps a community understand what jobs they need; where to find them; and what motivates people to relocate.

Educational Attainment Research
Aimed at motivating students to enroll and supporting them as they complete advanced training and education.