Who is IQS Research?

IQS Research is a research firm based out of Louisville, KY. We serve clients in almost all industries including: automotive, distribution, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, marketing services, professional services, senior living, social services.  Our focus is understanding people and how they make decisions, as such we can work with any industry that wishes to understand and influence people.

The people who we survey come from all different backgrounds. They could be CEOs of large corporations, consumers of every day products, government officials, homeowners, or individuals just walking down a street.

What is your privacy policy?

We at IQS Research are dedicated to the privacy of all our survey respondents. While the privacy policy can vary from project to project, in general, all information gathered through our surveys is kept strictly confidential to ensure that your answers cannot be associated with your identity. In no cases will you be solicited by IQS Research based on your participation. IQS Research will not sell, rent, or share your information with others who are not affiliated with the research study.

Why was I selected and where do my answers go?

You were chosen because of your past, present or potential affiliation with the organization who has commissioned the research study. They have asked us to gather your thoughts and opinions with the goal of providing the best services and/or products or in cases of employee engagement studies, the best working environment.   In most cases the organization who commissioned the research study will be revealed on the survey and survey invitation.

Why should I participate?

The organization who commissioned this study has done so for the purpose of providing the best possible experience for those who either work with them, work for them, or use their products. The best way for them to achieve this goal is to get feedback from people like you on what areas they need to work on and those that they may be excelling in.  If you are interested in having the best relationship possible with the organization who commissioned the study, then please give us your feedback.

What are you rules for prize drawings?

If there is a prize drawing for participating in one of our surveys, then that drawing is typically coordinated by the organization who commissioned the research study. If IQS Research coordinates the prize drawing we generally use these official rules.

Do you have a panel that I can join for future surveys?

Since the research we do is customized to the needs of the organization who commissioned the study, we only use the feedback of those individuals with a specific relationship with the organization. Because of this we do not use a panel of individuals to take future surveys.