At IQS Research, we believe the purpose and value of great research is to enable change. Especially when it comes to employee engagement research, we know that change only happens when leaders across an organization have access to, and ownership for, their specific results and action plans.

For companies who are serious about improving employee performance and scaling engagement initiatives, IQS Research’s proprietary engagement portal is the tool that makes this possible.

Our interactive, online dashboard allows leaders throughout your organization to create instant reports, develop action plans, and track progress inside a single system. Whether you’re responsible for a single department or the entire enterprise, you’ll see the results that matter to you. Highly-visual findings allow you to quickly understand the big picture of where you need to focus time and attention.

And, you can easily dig deeper – putting our algorithms to work to answer follow-up questions like how engagement differs across the generations, or racial/ethnic groups, or regions within your workforce. Informed by your specific results, you then create action plans in the same portal where automatic notifications and reminders enhance accountability and ensure that progress is made toward your goals.

This is a valuable new tool for our HR team to better understand employee engagement throughout our organization. The visual approach and ability to create custom reports helps us answer questions on the spot about our culture and allows us to truly understand where to focus our efforts.

We can also easily track and manage our action plans for change, aligning them to specific opportunities that will create the biggest impact in employee satisfaction. We are confident this strategic tool will help us improve employee engagement.

Adriana SilvaSenior Manager, Leadership and Performance Programs, Turnberry Associates

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