The IQS Difference

We serve prominent organizations that are trying to create change. Sometimes this change is internal; increase employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, or create an environment where all employees can contribute. In other cases organizations want to create change that is external; grow their market share, improve education attainment, or improve infrastructure while giving a voice to those affected.

Our clients include medium and large companies, entrepreneurs, and government agencies. Through our customized research process we are able to design programs that provide deep insights about customers, employees, communities, or markets.

Further, we don’t stop when the research is finished. We act as a trusted partner to help ensure that the findings are clearly communicated, fully understood, and embraced by those who can most impact change.

What makes us different
Provide the right information
Deep Insights
Right Audience
Presented in the right way

Our Philosophy

Our roots are in the automotive industry where we started by producing analysis of automotive warranties.  The public versions of those reports were sold internationally and covered in industry publications including Automotive News.

In 2008 we were recognized for an effort to create national benchmarks for healthcare reimbursement.  Winning awards for both innovation and entrepreneurship.  Around that same time our research on childhood obesity and adolescent smoking also appeared in the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association.

More recently two techniques that we developed and pioneered have been recognized by the National Academy of Sciences as best practices in research for transportation, impoverished communities and EJ research.

We take our responsibility seriously and believe that research has a purpose and an obligation not just to answer questions but to enable change.

This means that every step in our process tends to be a little more specialized and customized around your needs. This can include how we design our projects to answer specific questions, the day and time we invite people to take an online survey, the phrasing and order of a particular question, the scale used to measure a response, the analytics used to test the final results, or the visuals and nomenclature used to convey the final results.  In all cases our work is designed to transform the data into insights your organization can use to create change.

Our Toolbox

At IQS Research we know that every client situation is unique.  Even two companies trying to utilize employee engagement studies may be doing so for different reasons.  As such, we use engineering precision to design our programs to meet your specific needs.  Our toolbox contains several different tools and techniques that we can deploy to match the needs of a specific situation.  By having an extensive cadre of data collection, analysis, and presentation tools we are able to deploy the specific methods that can deliver actionable results.  And as technology changes our list of tools continues to grow.

The following are just some of the tools we use to gather data.  All of these tools can be performed in multiple languages.  Our data collection tools are designed to meet people where they are when they are in the best position to offer insights.

Some of our data collections tools include:
  • Executive interviews
  • In-person interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Kiosk interviews
  • Customer Intercepts
  • Mixed mode studies
  • Paper surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Internet surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Online focus groups
  • Online communities
  • Online panels

Our data analysis and reporting toolbox utilizes sophisticated tools and techniques for analyzing data and transforming them into actionable insights.  Whether in the form of text, numbers, video, or geospatial data we work to identify the important patterns and deliver the deep insights needed to enable change.  Then we partner with our clients to deliver the information in a format that facilitates understanding and action.

Some of the tools we use include:
  • R and SPSS® based statistical analysis and data analytics
  • Factor and cluster analysis
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Psychogeographic barrier analysis
  • Geographic mapping
  • Text analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Internal data linking
  • Structured problem solving and action planning
  • Tableau® dashboards
  • Data visualizations
  • Individual and group rollouts
  • Facilitated information sessions
IQS has delivered exactly what our business needed: reliable data collected from our customers in a friendly, effective and efficient manner. They have surpassed our expectations at every turn.
John Borders Borders & Borders, PLC, Louisville, KY
We partnered with Penn State and Texas Christian to conduct a survey. IQS Research provided a tasteful and reliable 4-language platform that allowed us to collect responses from around the globe, with a forty percent increase in volume.
Karl Corbett CEO, Sasha Corporation Business Manager, Sherpa Coaching, Cincinnati, Ohio
We needed to determine how successful we had been in getting the community informed about our programs and we needed to determine baseline information. IQS Research designed and administered a survey that accomplished both tasks in a timely manner.
Marty Bell Deputy to Superintendent Jefferson County Public Schools
We annually take the temperature of our corporate culture to ensure we are operating at the highest level. Having worked with global research companies, we were looking for a local partner that would further improve our existing research program. IQS Research proved to be that partner.
Lisa Tabler Company Administrator/Manager LINAK U.S. Inc.
We’ve worked with IQS Research for 4 years and their service has been outstanding. Their consumer feedback surveys have become an integral part of our overall product planning and development process., and their customer service is second to none.
Joe Reagan President Greater Louisville, Inc.
The name “Innovative Quality Solutions” is most appropriate because the services that this company provides are truly cutting-edge. With the help of Mr. Herbig and his company, there were many customer focused projects launched at the Louisville Plant.
Mary Maki Six Sigma Manager, Ford, Louisville, Kentucky
We found IQS Research to be a true ally in our efforts. They were able to present information in a manner truly usable to our team. The knowledge provided made a significant contribution toward helping us to meet our customer satisfaction and quality improvement targets.
Robert Naber Manager – VS&PFCSD Ranger Engineering
We work hard to know our customers. IQS Research can help any company know theirs’.
Bob Patterson President, Consumers Choice Coffee

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