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In addition to hundreds of presentations for private clients, Shawn Herbig is a regular speaker at local, regional, and national conferences.  He is known as a data expert who makes research conclusions and statistics about a variety of topics entertaining.  His high-energy, common sense presentation style is punctuated with real-life examples to ensure that the audience understands the message and enjoys what they are hearing.

Shawn has presented to audiences of various sizes and types including professional groups and CEO roundtables consisting of fewer than twenty people to industry organizations with hundreds of people in attendance.

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Shawn Herbig
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Topics Available for Presentation

The problem that holds most teams back isn’t failure—it’s mediocrity.   

Whether you’re trying to grow your company from a startup, take it to the next level, ensure that you have the largest share of the market, or even just create an amazing company, mediocrity cannot be tolerated.

Through this lens, employee engagement is more than a number; it is the tool that ensures that the gears of your organization turn with the maximum efficiency and the least amount of friction.

In the real world, engagement is more than just making sure your employees are smiling. It involves understanding their connection to their manager, their connection to the company, and their connection to each other. This presentation focuses on what keeps employees from becoming fully engaged and offers practical solutions for solving those problems. Going beyond the numbers, Shawn addresses how employee engagement can become a driving force to achieve your goals. 

Running a small- to medium-sized business is a unique challenge that few can appreciate and one that even fewer have done successfully. While there is a wealth of “business information” and an abundance of “experts,” most of the resources available are simply not designed for the small- to medium-sized business owner. They either lack specificity of the unique challenges these companies face or they lack the real-world experience needed to make that knowledge real.

Shawn is in his 20th year of running a successful business and, during that time, has gained hard-earned knowledge in a variety of topics related to building and operating a company. These topics include working with vendors, maintaining a culture, interacting with clients, balancing work and personal life, and leading people, all while delivering nationally-recognized results.   

This presentation is designed for business owners who want to hear practical advice about real issues facing companies and their leaders.  

The Transition between High School and College: Helping Students Succeed

The junior and senior years of high school are critical for enabling college success for children. Not only are academics important but so are the cognitive and attitudinal perceptions that students hold. This presentation focuses on the perceptions held by students about the role of education, the importance of college, the transition from high school, what they see as important, and where they turn for help. This talk is ideal for parents of high school students, educators, and community or business groups working with this portion of the population.

Educational Barriers in the Home

There has been a lot of talk about what makes a supportive home environment but there are several hidden obstacles to student success. Beyond traditional demographic splits, there are several known factors that exist within traditional middle class households which are traditionally ignored. By understanding the barriers that exist educators can create workable solutions to enable student success.

Perceptions of Math and Science Importance

Everyone knows that math and science are important to the educational success of a child, right? Perhaps, however the underlying truth is much more complex and leads to some unexpected outcomes when comparing attitudes of mothers and fathers and even those without children. This talk focuses on the underlying perceptions about when and why math and science are important and who are the real opponents.

55,000 More College Degrees

In conjunction with the research performed for the 55,000 Degrees program, this presentation outlines a community’s perceptions about the importance of attaining a college degree. Stratified across adults and children this study reviews perceptions of importance, intentions, barriers and fears. The study analyzed interviews with 1,000 adults and 300 children (grades 7-12).

The Decision Making Process for Aging Care Services

Whether it be in-home care, nursing care, or other services, the decision-making process for these services involves multiple parties and changes dramatically across genders. This presentation reviews the findings of several years of research on the ways these decisions are made, who makes them, what the needs of the patient/resident are, and what those involved want from a care provider.

Physician Referral Patterns

Many in the medical profession are seeking the “holy grail” of the primary care physician referral but are baffled by what it takes to make this happen. At the same time, the landscape is complicated by myths and false assumptions. This presentation is based on hundreds of interviews with physicians looking at what they consider important when they provide a referral, how they want the process to work, and their concerns about the process overall.

Physician Reimbursement

This is always a topic that generates interest as all physicians would like to generate additional reimbursement income from private insurance companies. However, the challenges and obstacles can be challenging. Furthermore, variance in regions, specialties, and practices can lead to dramatic swings in what a physician receives. This presentation looks at the influencing factors in reimbursement for a region and what drives higher reimbursement.

Prior Presentations
  • STATS-DC Educational Statistics, national conference

  • Medical Group Managers Association (MGMA) National Convention

  • MGMA local chapters in KY, IN and OH

  • Destination Management Association International (DMAI) National Convention

  • Metro Council Town Hall Meeting

  • Louisville Merger 2.0 Public meeting

  • State of the Downtown
  • Educational Attainment Conference

  • Young Professionals Downtown Advisory Group

  • Greater Louisville Medical Society PPAC meeting

  • Metro Medical Society – Medical MBA program

  • Louisville Sales Club

  • Kentucky Society of Association Executives

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