Changes are Coming!

The IQS Blog is going through a change. We’re updating the style of the posts to better reflect who we are as a company, and to further enforce our stance in the marketplace as a leader in social science research.

Also, the new format provides plenty of room for us to geek out over the nerdier things in life. Throw in the fact that we get to write words while doing it, and you have yourself a win-win situation!

So, every Friday we will be releasing a new post focusing on the below themes:

Outliers: Posts about leading edge research and why it matters to us in the real world.

Skew: Posts about the bad side of research, pitfalls and misinterpretations.

Bias: Posts like mom would write…only we’ll be writing them about IQS Research.

The Normal Distribution: Our coveted newsletter (sign up for it here, it’s free!) that will encapsulate all of these items, with a little pizzazz thrown in for good measure.

While the underlying foundation of each post will be centered around social sciences (psychology, economics, education, political science, etc. etc.), the goal is less about sounding academic and more about connecting the dots between the abstract and reality.

The difficulty with scientific research is that all too often, researchers tell their story based on their findings (and they use unnecessarily long words to do so at times). Here at IQS, we’re more about letting the data tell the story, and adding in the context around it. This new blog structure is aimed at giving data the chance to tell that story.

And, of course, information is a loop. We’re interested in connecting that loop with you, the readers. So if you have any questions, any interesting research/news articles you would like us dissect, or simply just want to talk then feel free to contact Eric Bickel at


The IQS Team

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