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By  on August 14, 2012

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Despite rising college enrollment rates, a new study from Louisville’s IQS Research shows many students aren’t prepared for the transition to higher education.

The report released Tuesday shows while nearly every student intends on going to college, only two-thirds enroll within one year of graduating high school.

Of that group, only 42 percent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree within six years.

IQS Research president Shawn Herbig says the perception of college needs to change. The report shows only 11 percent of students believe college will be difficult and many others aren’t prepared for the financial, social and scholastic issues college brings.

Herbig says the sooner college can be introduced into a child’s life, the better.

“I would argue that it’s everybody’s job. It’s the job of the school. It’s the job within the schools, it’s not only the educators but it’s also the support staff and it’s also the job of the community and the job of the parents,” he says.

Herbig says there’s a disconnect between the reality and expectations that students that needs to change.