How Families Decide on Home Medical Services for Parents

Date: June 12, 2012 | Shawn Herbig | News | Comments Off on How Families Decide on Home Medical Services for Parents

Aging, along with death and taxes, is one of the few absolutes in life. And physical assistance will inevitably be needed for the strongest and healthiest of us. Based on several different studies involving thousands of interviews, IQS Research has conducted, we have identified several patterns involving how decisions are made for in-home elder care and medical services for aging parents and grandparents.

In this case, we’re not referring to in-facility care, assisted living, or nursing homes. Perhaps a wife has had a fall, and her

resulting condition makes it impossible for the husband to physically provide the care needed. Or a spouse passes, and the surviving person has difficulty managing his or her affairs without assistance.

Our market research studies focus on care that is needed in a elderly person’s or couple’s home. Basically, the individuals who are not yet in need of full-time care, but instead need services like a visiting nurse to dispense medication and check health status; companions to play cards and watch TV with; assistance with home chores, cooking, or personal care.

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