To all those inspired and enthralled by the onslaught of inspiring and enthralling ideas, the Idea Festival may be right up your ally.  The annual festival, held in Louisville, KY in September, is a forum for new and exciting, not mention groundbreaking, knowledge that has everything to do with how we live, interact, and exchange information.  It challenges our concepts of normality by bringing fresh and innovating conversations to the table.  Furthermore, it offers something everyone can relate to.  The event lasts four days, and attracts intellectuals and innovators in all fields of academic, business, cultural, social, and even culinary speheres.

Its aim is to shape our future through the exchange of ideas – ideas that challenge the way we typically look at the world around us.  In essence, it is a celebration of these ideas, of innovation and imagination in an attempt to transform the things we only dream about into reality.  And why not?  The future is ours to be had, and much can be learned that you can take back to your workplace, your home, your sphere of social interaction and begin to reshape the future.  It sounds a little “kumbaya,” I know, but this is a great platform to expand your own knowledge and understanding of what innovative thinking can do.  We are speaking of this as researchers, not on behalf of the program itself, as the innovation and knowledge research can bring also applies to the fundamental premise of the Idea Festival.

The 2011 program has recently been posted, and kicks off Wednesday September 21 and ends Saturday September 24.  It is something we here at IQS are looking forward to, and we encourage you to check it out!  If you’ve been to the event in the past, share with us your thoughts about it, and what if you gained from it.