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Hello world.

The purpose of this blog is to help shed some light on common issues related to research.  Whether these issues come in the form of misconceptions about various methodologies and processes surrounding the research process, or in discussions regarding current research that is available, we hope to place the entire process into a clearer and more understandable context.

The power, per se, behind this blog is IQS Research.  Though you can read more about us here, we are a research firm based in Louisville, KY.  Our purpose is to make decisions clear and actionable, and though we claim a market research background, we are much more.  We boast a large and prestigious array of clients, across a varied and unique range of industries.

Three of us will contribute to this blog.  Shawn Herbig is the President and founder of IQS Research.  His focus is in the area of actioning research into processes and understanding that can change the landscape of your market.  Joshua Holt is head research analyst, and he likes to talk the nitty-gritty of the research process.  Ryan Gore is data collections coordinator and specialist – his objective is to elicit responses to make the process tick.  No respondents, no research.

We hope the information we provide henceforth will make the research process more tangible – to help you better understand its uses and functions, and have some fun with it at the same time.

We now cut the ribbon to our blog, all are welcome…

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